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ecommerce traffic secrets mini-course

But They Need To Land On The RIGHT Pages

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  • Learn how to identify where your customers are in the buying cycle (and why that's SO important!) and how to funnel them to the purchase
  • Learn how to rank organically in Google for the right keywords on the right pages with our Keyword Sifter Method (FREE targeted traffic?  Yes please!)
  • Find out how to lower the cost of your ads using our Upside Down Funnel Method (Cheaper ads and BETTER traffic!)
Ben Knegendorf Co-Founder, Easy eCommerce Wins

This free course will show you the difference between traffic and profitable traffic. Whether you are just starting your store or have been up and running for years, when you complete this course, you will have a better understanding of how eCommerce traffic moves through your site and how to structure your site to get the RIGHT traffic to the RIGHT places so we can funnel them to the purchase.

The eCommerce Traffic Secrets Mini-Course

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