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Who Is Easy eCommerce Wins?

Easy eCommerce Wins was founded in early 2017 with one goal.  We want to simplify eCommerce and share what is working and what is not so you, the eCommerce entrepreneur, can scale your business to new heights.  We've taught hundreds of students from around the world to sift through the endless tips and tricks online today and focus on strategies and tools that are proven to grow your business.

What We Do

We take the guesswork out of eCommerce by providing actionable content to grow your business.  We teach eCommerce business owners how to build a solid foundation of targeted traffic that continues to grow leading to more visitors, more sales, and ultimately, more profit for your business.  And we don't just teach, we DO.  We run eCommerce stores ourselves and teach what we're actually DOING in our stores.

Our Team

Cory Eckert


Cory Eckert Easy eCommerce Wins

Cory is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for eCommerce.  Having built more than a dozen eCommerce businesses, he has become an expert at traffic generation and online marketing.  With a sharp focus on White Hat SEO, Cory has mastered traffic strategies that will bring him traffic for years to come in his online businesses.

Ben is an eCommerce expert and business coach who built and sold his first eCommerce store in just 8 months.  After seeing the scalability of this model, he worked hard at learning sustainable traffic methods with which to build a solid foundation for building more eCommerce businesses.  Ben quickly built a passion for online marketing and an eagerness to share what is working with as many people as possible.

Ben Knegendorf


Ben Knegendorf Easy eCommerce Wins

What Our Students Say

Working with Ben in Adwords, I was able to take my average CPC down to just $0.12 while still sending hundreds of targeted visitors to my site daily. 

Zach V.  eCommerce Store Owner

Joanna Walters  eCommerce Store Owner

After working with Cory and Ben I completely revamped my Adwords and SEO strategy for my newest store and got my first sale this evening.  THANK YOU!

Cory, I just want to once again thank you for the SEO course.  There's simply too much mumbo-jumbo about SEO on internet when it actually can be real simple.  I am all ready getting like average of 40 organic visitors per day and sitting on 63 keywords for 2nd page of Google.

Prateek G  eCommerce Store Owner